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09.05.2019 Thorsten’s and Ainhoa’s papers published on the same day: one in Nature Communications the other in Materials Horizons . Congratulations!
28.01.2019 Great start for the group in 2019! Paper on Doped Organic Semiconductors published in Nature Materials. See press release here.
17.08.2018 Festive inauguration of the new building for the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden (cfaed).
23.05.2018 Science Warriors are running again.
26.02.2018 Paper on Simulating Doping in Organic Semiconductors published in Nature Materials. See press release here.
01.06.2017 We are running at the REWE Team challenge. What an experience!
10.01.2017 Paper on Charge transfer absorption and polaron relaxation published in JACS
01.01.2017 The Ortmann group is now affiliated with cfaed. The excellence center is a great environment for future collaborations.
01.10.2016 Antonis starts PhD in Cambridge. We wish him all success.
29.06.2016 Sebastian S. wins Science slam organized by the cfaed excellence cluster. Congratulations!
29.02.2016 Sebastian H. and Frank demonstrate good code performance on SuperMUC at the “4th Extreme Scaling Workshop”
in Garching
08.11.2015 New group member Christopher Gaul joins as postdoc
12.10.2015 Lecture on density functional theory starts
01.10.2015 Sebastian S. receives teaching award from TU Dresden. Congratulations!
04.09.2015 It has been announced that ECME2017 will take place in Dresden.
27.08.2015 Janna defended her Bachelor thesis very successfully. Congratulations!
01.05.2015 Book on “Topological Insulators: Fundamentals and Perspectives” published
27.01.2015 Frank receives Young Investigator distinction from TU Dresden
01.10.2014 New group member Michel Panhans joins as PhD student
15.09.2014 Paper on spin dynamics in graphene appeared in Nature Physics
01.09.2014 New group member Thorsten Arnold joins as postdoc
01.06.2014 Frank receives an Emmy Noether group from the DFG and finds a great host with Prof. Gianaurelio Cuniberti’s nanoscience chair at TU Dresden

Topological Insulators: Fundamentals and Perspectives